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Poke Love by Mike-Dragon

Just to start off, I'd have to say that I really like this picture. It reminds me of the good old days when I was bad at Pokémon and to...

The Hero of Time by 2dforever

I am astounded. I am amazed. I am awestruck. More than any of those, I am speechless. The Hero of Time was originally introduced in the...

Dragon Mother Love by Sabinalibertad

I have one word to start my critique: Wow. You can feel the love in this picture. There are two things that will tell you about the rel...


Blue Vex by rhyj
Blue Vex
This is what the rest of Blue Vex looks like (or at least all of that which wasn't trapped inside Milotic's belly). Vex is a dragon/snake hybrid of sorts. a ground type dragon with a decent ego. Blue competes with Red in just about everything, but the two are great friends and depend on each other for support. If you ask me, if somebody shipped any of the four together, it would probably be Red and Blue Vex.
Red constantly supports Blue due to a rough past with a family that never quite cared about him, a dragon father who ate his serpent mother, and frequent abuse from a group against crossbred animals like himself. Eventually, from the result of a psychological collapse, Blue Vex fled the mountain range he grew up in and after about a month of living in the wilderness, the poor serpent dragon was discovered by Red not far from the current dwelling, lying in a log, beaten and bruised. It was then that Blue felt loved for the first time and stuck by Red ever since.
Because of a size difference between the two young dragons, Vex has a size advantage over Red, making him a perfect meal or cuddle toy for the serpent dragon.

He's so cute, I could just eat him right up! :heart:

Edit: Please don't ask me to fix the texture. ;^;

EditEdit: Fixed everything. This adorable, chubby little guy is my favorite. Here's Blue Vex with wings. I don't know if I'll keep the wings or not.
Derpy McGee by rhyj
Derpy McGee
He's just a wittle baby dragon. :heart:

This goes right along with the Milotic and Blue Vex piece I did a month ago (or last week or something. I can't remember).
McGee is a little, chubby, cutie of a dragon. He loves to snuggle with Milotic (and pretty much anybody, but mostly Milotic) and his English is pretty simple if he decides to talk. His body is coated in a warm, soft, thick, red fur and he has an shorter haired, purple, chubby underbelly making him desirable for cuddles as well.
McGee looks up to Red as a teacher of sorts and though Red normally tries to keep McGee away from him, he sometimes takes the child under his wing. He typically refers to Milotic as "Mama" or any other forms of mother. Milotic finds great enjoyment in the care she gives this child and having never been a mother herself, thinks of him as a son.

Look at his little mitten hands and feet! Isn't he so cute? ^v^
Blue Vex and Milotic by rhyj
Blue Vex and Milotic
Snake on snake vore. :heart:

I was dun diddly looking at some of my plushies that I dun diddly had lying around and I thought,
"What if I dun diddly made these plushies into some dun diddly cute characters?"
These are two of the four. Milotic is by far the biggest and Vex is a little smaller. X3 I might write some biographies for these characters that I've dun diddly made.

Alright, so there's a really strange mistake on this piece. The eyelashes on Milotic are upside down and incorrect because I had drawn "happy eyes" as simple arched lines. With this, I slapped feminine eyelashes on, but they were upside down. I should have attached those to the top rather than the bottom of the eye line.

Edit: With my photo manipulation skill, I made awesomer, the eye using a smooth eraser and a spray can with my sketchbook app. Don't forget to edit, my friend's. ;>
Dragon Love by rhyj
Dragon Love
A little bit of vore. I don't think she'll mind staying in my belly for a little bit... :heart:

For a friend.


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